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 Companies such a Facebook, Google, Twitter and others have been steadily adding e-commerce solutions to their social platforms. They have very good reasons to do this. One is the need increase their revenue, the other is to fence users with more options so they don’t leave the boundaries of their social platforms.


According to a recent study, people are spending an average of 116 minutes per day in social media. This represent a huge opportunity for companies to sell their products and services within these environments.

Use the new Facebook Shop to sell online.


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What We Can Do For You

​​​​​​​  Use social media to drive revenue strategies - How to sell using social media.

  Implement social commerce - Driving sales through interactions. 

  Centrally manage your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

  Manage your advertising campaign – Theme driven, use A.I. to target specific customers.

  Professionally manage your postings – Includes creating the artwork

  Monitor public perception - Alert on negative experiences, neutralize negative attacks and take PR actions.

  Generate dashboard reporting of all your social media channels.

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